quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

Is a woman _ lambchop

In the hour of the girl
You can make the danger witness
Or whatever, without your heart
So you wish you could relate
If it's always gonna be
Sit beside me on a star
If you wake me up tonight

So you try to make it whole
with everybody here
More than a Sony
To make the words throw up
Or show me the way
As they pick me up again
They will be there on the couch
They will make you better still

Can you be sure
Of anything you make?
It's enough to make you gag
It's enough to make you sick
Each and every day
With the concrete and the masonry
When the paint that's on is dry
You can work it from your eye

And you take my heart
As you stand alone forever
From the roaming and the surf
And the cloudy cloudy day
Justo a boss thing that is pure
Something specially for you
It's like everybody's needing it
And everybody's sure

And they say

Is a woman, write this down
Put the paper over there
More than it is
No more than it is

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