domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2009

We all been through hell
all came out soulless
we all crave our shaped skin
into old dust
All holding on
to nothing but repressed features
where angels lost their wings
as soldiers their lives
for so many war fights
we all walk our hell
to heaven from hell
we all crave inside for memories
long lost destiny of no faith
hell in heaven
souls burn their views
heaven only one stand
hands undone to hold you tight
arms not consistent enough to hug
hearts to weak to love
when you come to hell
you get soulless from inside
when you get to hell
all becomes shadow of one so called death
we all walk through hell
came out soulless
from inside
dust rises
weak feelings crawl upon you
when you go down the road
see angels with broken wings
you have found hell on heaven
where no one breaths
like old soldiers with recollected dreams
hell came to stay


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