quinta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2008

HOME: Quinta, 3 Maio 2007 às 15:30

Looking for peace of soul and heart... its been hearts, after a place called HOME Years of collected tears Of nights lived in shadows And bended knees on prays That came on nothing I cant tell how many nights i was scared, fearing all kinds of waste i cant tell how many days i craved for love to be neither how much i prayed in tears for it to become real dont know for sure if any heard those prays only between me and God some say it exists I am looking for freedom freedom of the pain that never leaves I loved, and believe me i have forgiven But still theres no place of freedom in me I have loved and gaven up been blind untigh to it i have been looking for forgiveness forgiveness to God the God that takes That God I use to pray to I forgotten how to love Because inside the faith is gone Looking again for the hope That someone stolen Someone I loved took It was never the same My light never came I search for the peace I no longer have The piece someone took in their hands I look for freedom And i wish love Been down on a road of fear And alone. I have been blind for love Been dead for the one I trusted God But I never had HOME Looking for something That I have no name for No name for I love someone Someone to be forgotten God didnt want it Love chooses not humans Looking for love I have been alone Always on my own no place I can call HOME I long for peace And inner love indeed God hasnt come back to me Yet I cant for sure trust it Maybe I dont belong Love, needs me to let go of him The one I love cant be for me... HOME only in my selfdream My self wish HOME... My HOME... I know its not here... I know it doesnt belong in here... My HOME its only in dreams.

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