quinta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2008

One day After the Old:Quinta, 3 Maio 2007 às 15:20

Wash away the sorrow you, the one that can... Serenity came today to this old house so full of dust serenity came home small sign of a scared smile came to stay a compasion for give and to give came today heart of desesperated one peace of one fine day soul of so most trouble where nights had no end peace came today glory of universe of the pray i did not pay serenity smiled day heart with a wild dream in small bites you forget yesterday wash away the sorrow that sees no end slowly, slowly growing,slowly where feet crave on sand where crown watches stars where heart shows innerchild awaking from the sleepy of a beauty a beauty awaking now awaking serenity today yesterday hope it wont be coming again not that way yesterday don't come as old ways serenity today

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